Exile’s Journey is free a dark fantasy RPG.

An exile by choice, Kniryk is now presumed dead in Landoria, his homeland. When a demon invasion threatens the Kingdom of Nysoroth, he finds himself in the midst of it. Can he redeem himself?

This game is a love letter to  role-playing games as a whole, especially those from the 16-bit era.



Highly engrossing storyline - You'll be hooked playing as these characters, learning about their diverse backgrounds, and watching as they develop and solve their own personal conflicts.

Open ended gameplay - After an introductory section, you're allowed to complete the game's dungeons in any order you want!

Zelda-style dungeons - Each dungeon in Exile's Journey is meticulously crafted and designed, taking inspiration from dungeons in the Legend of Zelda series.

Numerous side quests - These side quests are optional, but without them you won't receive the game's best armor and equipment, or the game's only method of air travel! These side quests feature story lines of their own and offer a break from the game's main story.

20+ hours of gameplay - That sweet spot between too short and too long!

Extremely detailed world - This game takes doesn't allow you to travel the whole world, only the large and extremely detailed Kingdom of Nysoroth. After playing and learning of the country's cultures and history you'll feel like a true Nysorothian!

Weapon upgrade system - Some weapons will almost never become obsolete thanks to this!

No random encounters - see enemies on the map before engaging them!

Treasure tracking - The game keeps track of all the treasure you've found in the main dungeons! Find all treasure chests to obtain a special reward!

Three act structure - The game is divided into three acts, each thematically and structurally different.

For fans of Final Fantasy, Zelda and Dark Souls.

Operating system supported: Microsoft Windows

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